Saturday, January 24, 2009

First time blogger

I have considered starting a blog before, but have never actually done it. I have a few friends, and now my husband, that have started one, so I figured what the heck. My biggest "dilemma" was where in the world do I start??? And who knows if anyone will actually follow or read this blog.. but it should be fun to have one, so again, what the heck?

The most obvious place is to talk about my family. My wonderful husband - I am definitely the luckiest girl in the world. We have been married for a little over 3 years and life is good. And I have a beautiful 7, almost 8, year old stepdaughter that is such a joy to have around. She keeps us in constant laughter, and sometimes tears, but every day we are amazed to watch how smart she is and how quickly she is growing up. At least once, usually more, times a day, I sit in amazement after having a conversation with her, because I can usually not believe how intelligent she sounds, at such a young age. The years are going by way too fast... she's not so much a little girl anymore and seems more like a little lady. And we have an 11 month old son that is also quite an amazement. He is growing and changing every single day and I find myself constantly just staring at him, thinking, "Wow. God is good."

So, a little about our son. He was born with club feet; we found out at my 22 week sonogram and neither one of us knew nothing about it. Our case was called a "genetic fluke". But we were referred to Scottish Rite Hospital and have received excellent care. Our orthopedic dr told us on day one that he will be able to "run, jump, play, and be normal." And he repeats that same sentence to us at every single appointment. When our son was born, both of his feet were basically turned in at 90 degree angles. That is called "bilateral talipes". He was put into casts at 7 days old, that were changed out every week and turned out at a higher degree each week. After 6 weeks of that, he was put into an FAB (Foot Abduction Brace) that he wore 23 hrs a day/7 days a week. We took them off for 30 min in the morning to give his feet a break and check for pressure sores, and then another 30 min in the evening for bathtime. After 3 months of that schedule, on July 4th (coincidence?) we got to go to 16 hours a day. Wow! What a difference just those few hours can make. He is almost a yr old (in 18 days!) and we are now only wearing the braces 12 hours a day - so we put them on at bedtime and take them off a little bit after he wakes up. He is able to have a somewhat normal "infant-hood". He is starting to stand more - pulling himself up on the furniture, and wow - after everything his little feet have gone through - what a site to see!

And he finally had his first teeth (yes, that's plural) break through yesterday! His two front top teeth. After 11 months, we were beginning to wonder if/when those boogers were ever going to break through! So we are keeping a supply of Orajel closeby because our normally happy baby becomes Mr. Grumpy Pants when those gums/teeth start hurting. 2 down... lots more to go!

So as I type this, my husband is sleeping on the couch and it's time to go wake him up and check on the kiddos before I turn in myself. Bye bye for now.


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  2. Yay! I'm happy to see you started a blog! I can't wait to see photos of Alex! Your family and friends are going to love this blog and if they're anything like mine... they will pester you when they are due for an update!! Welcome to Blogger!